Plannign & Zoning

Montrena Wilson Hadley, Planning Director

Zoning Ordinances

  • 2015-16 NC Municipal Guide
  • Building Permit Application
  • Building Permit Checklist
  • City of Mebane Traffic Calming Policy
  • Design Standard Checklist
  • Flood Insurance Rate Maps
  • Illicit Discharge Ordinance
  • Infrastructure Security Policy
  • London Lane Traffic Calming Report 2013
  • Mebane Design Standards
  • Mebane Floodplain Application
  • Petition Non-Contigious Annex.
  • Petition Requesting Annexation
  • Riparian Buffer Protection Ordinance
  • Special Use Permit
  • Standard Specs & Details (Part 1)
  • Standard Specs & Details (Part 2)
  • Standard Specs & Details (Part 3)
  • Standard Specs & Details (Part 4)
  • Stormwater Program
  • Subdivision Improvement
  • Unified Development Ordinance (Figures & Tables of Permitted Uses)
  • Unified Development Ordinance - Appendix A
  • Unified Development Ordinance - Article 10-Nonconformities
  • Unified Development Ordinance - Article 2 - Dev. Review/Special Uses
  • Unified Development Ordinance - Article 3 - Zoning Districts
  • Unified Development Ordinance - Article 4 - Use Regulations/Set Backs
  • Unified Development Ordinance - Article 5 - Environmental/Overlay Dist
  • Unified Development Ordinance - Article 6 - Dev. Standards
  • Unified Development Ordinance - Article 9 - Amendments
  • Unified Development Ordinance-Appendix B-Plat Certi
  • Unified Development Ordinance-Article 11-Enforcement
  • Unified Development Ordinance-Article 12-Definitions
  • Unified Development Ordinance-Article 7-Subdivisions
  • Unified Development Ordinance-Article 8-Variances/Appeals
  • Zoning Amendment Application
  • Zoning Variance Application
  • The City of Mebane has jurisdiction of Planning and Zoning within its corporate limits, as well as the Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ). The ETJ extends, in some places, as much as one mile from the city limits. This means that, while you may not be in the city limits, you are still required to meet the City of Mebane Ordinances. To find out if your property is located with the Mebane planning jurisdiction, and to find out what your property is zoned, you will need your County tax map, block and lot number. If you do not know this number you can call the County Tax Office (Alamance County at (336) 228-1312 or Orange County at (919) 732-8181). After you have received this number call the Planning Director for zoning information.

    The Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for the maintenance and enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Ordinance. The Department is also responsible for all long range planning, such as the Land Use Plan and Strategic Plan, as well as current planning issues such as rezoning, special use permits, commercial site plan review, and subdivision plats. The Planning Director serves as staff to the Planning Board, which is an advisory Board to the City Council. All re-zonings, special use permits, and major subdivision plats are subject to approval by the City Council.

    Questions regarding planning and zoning issues should be directed to the Planning Director in the Planning and Zoning Department. For more information on cases being considered for rezoning, special use permit, or major subdivision plat approval, the minutes and agendas for the Planning Board and City Council meetings are also available at the municipal building, the public library, and on this site under Boards & Commissions. Copies of both the Zoning Ordinance and the Subdivision Ordinance are also available for reference in the municipal building and the Mebane Public Library.

    The Planning Department is located at 102 S. 5th Street adjacent to the main Municipal Building at 106 E. Washington Street, and can be reached by telephone at (919) 563-9990.

    Planning & Zoning Permit Fee Schedule

    Code of Ordinances
    Online Code Library

    NC State Historic Preservation Information
    Restoration Services Branch
    Historic Building Owners Assistance
    Local NC Historic Preservation Commissions
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