Recreation Advisory Board

The mission of the Recreation and Parks AdvisoryBoard is to provide for the citizens of Mebane in partnership with theRecreation and Parks Department in promoting understanding,appreciation, participation, and support for parks, recreationalopportunities, programs, and facilities.

The Mebane Recreation and Parks Advisory Board meetson a called meetings basis. The meetings are held at the MebaneArts/Community Center. The board members are continually updated onRecreation & Parks Programs.

Membership of the Recreation and Parks Advisory Board is as follows:

Mike Garrison
Term expires 2019
 Janie Boggs  Term expires 2018 
Tommy Wright
Term expires 2018
 Yonnie Butler   Term expires 2017 
Angie Bartis
 Term expires 2018
 Susan Clark  Term expires 2017 
John Kirby
Term expires 2019
 Keith Williams  Term expires 2017
Jeff Modlin
Term expires 2019