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The Mebane Brand 
The Mebane brand represents our story - an important message about our community, our history and our direction for the future. As one of North Carolina’s fastest growing cities, we want to keep our message strong. The components of our brand are highly valued and provide a visual representation of our community. The idea of branding the City started when a new business came calling several years ago and City staff began collecting a portfolio of information to explain why Mebane would be a great place for the company to locate. We realized that we needed a more comprehensive and professional approach, so North Star Marketing was commissioned to uncover Mebane’s true identity and make it shine as a comprehensive brand. Hours of meetings with residents, business owners, community leaders, and the general public were involved in generating our logo and tag line. After numerous focus group meetings with residents, neMebane Logowcomers, business owners, city staff, and business influencers, as well as an online survey, a vocabulary emerged describing what it is like to live and do business in Mebane. Words such as friendly, growing, charming, comfortable, and historic were prominent in those conversations. Top rated color preferences were green, white, blue, and yellow. Survey respondents associated the several prominent Mebane icons including; historic downtown, Fifth Street in bloom, the railroad, and flowering dogwood trees. All these thoughts and ideas yielded our new logo with its “Positively Charming” tagline.

Following the branding process, a new City seal was developed that would better complement our new brand. Placing a seal on official papers is an old custom used to authenticate the document and its purpose. Seals typically include mottos (sometimes in Latin) and symbols depicting various patriotic, civic, regional, or symbolic meanings. The City of Mebane seal is intended to convey our history, our defining values and our brand message. Key elements of our seal and their meaning include:
Mebane Seal
• The central tree and dogwood blooms embody both Mebane’s landscape and popular Dogwood Festival.
• The elements from the front of a locomotive engine, like the cow-catcher, as well as the train tracks, represent the role the railroad played in the development of the city.
• Mebane’s first manufacturing company, White Furniture, is depicted with the outline of a chair back just above the locomotive.
• In 1881, the same year White Furniture opened, Mebane was incorporated. The typeface used for the year 1881 mirrors the sign on the White Furniture building, which still stands proudly in historic downtown Mebane.
• The word “Mebane” dates back to the old English word Medburna, “a dweller of the meadow.” The meadow is embodied in the rolling arches
and curves used in the city seal and in many of the branding elements found in the new website and marketing materials.
• The gear represents Mebane’s tradition of an ongoing, vibrant business environment.

Although the logo and seal share the same color scheme, the seal is never intended to replace the logo. The seal is reserved for use on official documents and other specific materials produced by the City.
Posted by jeanne.tate On 06 December, 2016 at 3:53 PM  2 Comments

Tracey D. Smith (Guest) said On 09 October, 2017 at 2:32 PM
The seal and its meaning is very beautiful; love it!  
Patti Bean Terry (Guest) said On 30 December, 2016 at 5:41 PM
Love the new seal!!   
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